Nursing Jobs by State

Our nursing job board is updated daily with the latest job opportunities for nurses at hospitals, clinics, schools, and staffing agencies. Check back frequently to see new job postings that match your qualifications and experience or to research the job market in your area. You can also find advice for getting hired as a nurse from leaders in the nursing community on the become a nurse page.

To search for job openings near you, enter keywords describing the job title you are seeking and your city and state. Some examples of nursing job titles include: licensed practical nurse, nurse anesthetist, nurse midwife, nurse practitioner, oncology nurse, pediatric nurse, psychiatric nurse, registered nurse, school nurse, and staff nurse. For a comprehensive list of nursing jobs see our nursing careers page.

I would advise [future nurses] to be open-minded when it comes to getting their first job. I have worked in several different nursing settings and this gave me a lot of experience. You may want to work in the ER, but a job may not be available yet. Starting to work on the surgical floor does not mean you will never move. Every unit will give you experience which is always valuable. In short, ‘avoid being too picky.'”
-Joyce Fiodembo is a nurse, author, and founder of www.internationalnursesupport.com.